“We have the sense of timing to catch the sunset, the sense of humor to wade through the downpour, and the good sense to keep it all in perspective.”


Tom Hopkins Tom Hopkins shoots dymanic photographs, everything from Womens’ pro ski racing and classic cars in the Arizona desert to piranhas in the Peruvian Amazon. His passion for traveling and food has taken him around the globe in a career spanning more than 25 years. Specializing in one subject would limit his curiosity and desire to capture a subject in a new light. That said, Tom is passionate about fashion, food and travel, three industries where he is a known regular. He just completed a two-year project with Jacques Pépin, Heart and Soul, the chef’s latest book.



Adam Coppola helped create the Griteye Imaging Group with his creative and adventurous shooting ability contributing a new dimension to the image process. His excitement for capturing new images on location gives the group an extra edge to assignments. His ability to look beyond the traditional and sublime with his gutsy tenacity, not to mention his athletic ability, rounds out each photo shoot with bold results. Adam’s honeymoon was a one year tour through all 50 states by bicycle. He and his wife biked 12,592 miles and raised over $40,000 for charity.



Nicole Hopkins is a recent graduate of Roanoke College in Communications. She hung around the photo industry all her life and now has brought her communication, project management skills and social networking abilities to provide the logistic cooperation needed to complete each and every photo project. When the projects are complete she’s been known to take some “crazy” time and hit a polo ball on a fast moving horse.


Paul Kazmercyk thought that Darrin Stephens had it all: pointing to easels all day, martinis in the afternoon and Elizabeth Montgomery at night, so he headed into advertising. Once the heartbreak of reality passed, he devoted himself to being the best graphic designer possible. An early digital adopter, he was among the first to create fully digital publications and later dove head first into web design. In his spare time, he’s developing a time machine aimed at being the actor to actually replace Dick York, instead of that other guy.


Val CroppedGRITEYE IMAGING GROUP: Hair, Makeup & Styling

Valerie Gengras began her career in the modeling industry, moving to the other side of the camera to become a photo-stylist. She makes all our clients look their very best, as she says “not a bad way to make a living.” From a Tennis Magazine cover shoot of Pete Sampras to the beaches of the Baja Peninsula to working with 50 Cent for People Magazine, she has been a part of many talented print and video crews. Her sense of style, attention to detail, and a great sense of humor add to crazy abilities as a great stylist. On location, all Waffle Houses are fair game for Val’s epicurean delights.

Roger PaisleyGRITEYE IMAGING GROUP: Sales & Beverage Coordinator

Roger Paisley is no longer a smoker*, but as Roger says “he’s still smokin’ when it comes to sales.” As an account executive in ’60s Manhattan, he attended the School of Hard Knocks, sharing his knowledge in boardrooms and bar rooms. Alcohol may have cost him his liver, but as Roger says, “who needs a liver anyway?” LOL, Roger! While not technically in our New England office, he’s here in spirit and still handles our adult diaper account from his “home” in Fort Lauderdale. (*Current photo unavailable).

What the hell is griteye?

griteye is a team of seasoned and emerging professionals whose passion and determination combine to create the best in creative imagery for our clients.

We work together: with each other, with you, offering you our combined talents. We incorporate photography, lighting and computer technicians, design, styling and complete production.

Our group name, griteye, was developed to highlight our tenacious determination to produce originative imagery.

grit′eye (grit·ahy)

noun, plural griteyes (archaic) griteyen or griteyne.

  • The origin of creative, edgy, and innovative vision, typically only found in creative humans with a desire to commercially portray an object in a manner that can influence human behavior.

verb (used with object) griteyed, griteying or griteyeing.

  • to photograph creatively and collaboratively with an edgy, innovative, and creative perspective: “They griteyed the $#!+ out of that product until the perfect image was created.”


  • give (something / someone) the griteye, informal: To look creatively at (person/object), especially with an obvious goal of displaying photographically: “they gave it the griteye until the perfect idea was conceived.”

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